IT Department for Companies

Covertech was established in 2008, to support Corporations in transforming and embracing the crucial need of technology.

Over the years of servicing our reputable clients, Covertech built many business IT infrastructure environments to preserve intellectual properties, differentiating levels of authorized access, while maintaining clear lines of communication between users.


Core Pillar

Covertech is committed in providing IT solutions to the business community, helping businesses to secure its intellectual-property, which is pivotal to stay competitive in society. We believe Covertech is able to help businesses to forge value by offering the best IT services to cover users in every business aspect. We proudly confess that Covertech years of experience had not ceased in improving technology for better features, security, and coverage with the help of specialized technicians.
Vision & Mission
All companies shall free from cyberthreats and cyber-criminal.


To empower corporates and business owners with experts knowledge and skills for IT business sustainability and growth.

How We Grow by Growing Others
We firmly believe our success is built on other people's success, Covertech helps businesses by providing the best IT infrastructure, we are committed to assist businesses to grow and maintain thier company performance to the max.
Bringing Insight to Light for SME in Malaysia
Our job is to work with companies when they are experiencing toughest obsticles, Covertech is committed to shed lights to the business community in this complex cyber security reality, and we provide our best IT service to them.
Always Up-To-Date
We proadly confess that we have worked with many companies and many years of experience, hence, we have collected numerous data and we provide an up-to-date solution according to the technological trend to protect thier intellectual property.
We Give Our 110% Effort
Our technicians are highly trained, we share ideas and provide our very best to help businesses to maintain continuity. We believe our effort will help businesses to loosen thier IT security matters.
"Every project is a new challenge to produce
something unique."
Nick Tang


Value Proposition

Attended by Supporting Chief Technology Officer as smooth computing experience Integrated Technology Platform, not only network, server and computer, but the entire platform. This enables our clients to own total control over.
  • Over 10+ year experience in the market
  • We work on the Cloud directly
  • Let’s work it out together

We Partnered With Them

Looking For Career Opportunity?

Covertech believes the world we live in today was built by the contribution of individuals, and each contribution was measured by the value created. The existence of Covertech is to bridge individuals and society through creating value. Covertech is a platform and the leaders are the mentor, to allow every member in Covertech to discover their own strength and who they really are, and how they could generate quality value for greater contribution. Great life comes from daily meaningful activities.
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