Corporate File Server

A modern file server would be able to cover and protect the companies' intellectual properties in all ways.

A fraction chance of damage

Storing files within a computer is easier to retrieve a file, there were too many incidents that could have cause unpredictable disaster to the location where you keep files. The unforeseen hardware damages and malware attack

Maintenance make easy

Keep files secure

Work from Home

Keep files secure

Disaster Recovery


Case Studies

Ransomware attack: To make a safer environment

Does My Business Need A File Server?

If your business has one computer then, you do not need a file server. If you have between two and five computers, then yes, but you could likely get away with configuring an existing computer to double as a file server. If you have more than five computers, then it is time to start planning for a corporate-like file server running a Windows Server operating system.

Ransomware attack: It won't hit me

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