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Work from Home with Peace.

Many of us forced to work from home during Covid-19 pandemic. This increases the chances of exposing our data at risk, to especially to office PC brings home. Coverdesk was designed not only to protect PCs from risk, but most importanly to keep your data safe.

Unlimited Helpdesk

Health Maintenance

Desktop Cloud

Corporate Email

Premium Antivirus

Hardware Fix


Unlimited Access to Helpdesk Assistance

Either you need help with your starting up a software program, or printer could not print..., or Whenever you need help with your PC, our engineers will be available to assist you.

Start Failed

PC Slow

Hard Disk Full

No Internet

Network Issue

Missing Folder

Printer Issue

Software Crush

If you need help, we are just a step away from you




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Online Meeting

Work from Home

We understand Covid-19 pandemic interrupts our daily routine but business operations should run as usual. We support the apps to make sure it runs smooth, so you can continue to work from anywhere around the world.
Note: The logos are the trademark of the respective owners. Covertech provides basic installation and troubleshooting to ease our clients to connect to these apps.
Health Management

Prevention is better than cure

You don't have to wait for something to break down before the IT engineer spots a problem. The PC covered by Coverdesk can quickly notice a potential problem so that they can fix it before the problem grinds your business to a halt.

Hardware Health

Many times Windows does actually give you information about your PC. Maintaining it well can prolong the lifespan of your PC, as well as running at optimum speed.

Windows Health

A virus or hacker does not inform you they have invaded your PC. Our engineers will prevent the threads from entering your PC and is able to help you if there is an infection.

Stay Up-to-date

Keeping a software up to date, is not only for its' new features, but to fix any existing software bugs and to improve the security. Let us do the job for you.

Health Monitoring
Desktop Cloud

No matter where you work, keep your files to the cloud

Secure files while you travel

Traveling exposes PC to risk, and realtime backup to cloud keeps a copy of files and documents, preventing any mishaps should anything happen to the laptop.

Looking for a wrongly deleted file?

There may be times a file had been accidentally overwritten or deleted which needs to be recovered. Desktop Cloud offers up to 128 copies of different timelines, that allows you to recover at your convenience.

Read your files without your PC

There will be times when you were away from your PC and there is a critical need for you to refer to your files. Now your client do not need to wait. You can use your smartphone to read your needed files, without having to access your PC.

Snap to recover your PC Files

Losing a PC is painful, but not as painful as losing all the hard work stored inside the PC. Should you need a hand to restore your files, just leave a message to our engineers, and we will do the rest for you.
Secured your emails


We had seen many companies lost tens of thousands, as a result of the hacker impersonates these companies to ask for money from their customers. To keep your email safe is important, simply it represents your company brand and yourself.

Stop Spam, Stop Crime

CoverMail was formed by Multi-layer security that protect your mailbox from incoming of unwanted emails

Email Backup & Recovery

Even you have deleted your emails, CoverMail allows you to recover each copy of your email when you needed it.

Helpdesk Support

An email sent but it was not received by your customers? You are not alone. Speak to us and let us help you.

Your Company Name

Get your own email addresses with your company domain name (

Large Mailbox Size

Large Mailbox Size

Each mailbox comes with 25GB diskspace for better upkeep your emails.

Read email on any devices

All incoming email, or the email that was sent by you will be synced across your laptop, smartphone and tablet. You are no longer restricted by devices when you need to read your emails.

Business Class Antivirus

You might be backing up your working files everyday, but for virus and ransomware to destroy all your hardwork documents require a few seconds only after you have plugged the external hard-drive to your PC. Unlike a home PC for entertainment use, a Business PC keeps important files and expected to run well for daily routine. We trust Malwarebytes to keep your PC safe.


Malwarebytes detects or blocks more than 8,000,000 threats per day


More than 187,000,000 Malwarebytes scans occur every month


Malwarebytes is installed more than 247k times every day
Whenever Malwarebytes' remediation products clean up malware on a device that has another traditional antivirus program registered, it shows up here.
Every dot represents a threat Malwarebytes stopped on a computer with another, redundant antivirus program installed.
Secured your email conversation

Hardware Fixing

PC Formatting

If a PC re-formatting job is inevitable because Windows is already corrupted, or due to the replacement of hardware, just leave it to our engineers to fix it for you with no extra charges*.

Hardware Replacement

When your computer is unable to start and it has been dignosed to replace certain parts, you don't have to approach each IT store to fix the problem. We will fix for you at no additional charges*.

Coverdesk Membership

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