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We keep business conversation, trade secret, bank statement, confidential information, password in our mailbox to ease our reference in future. Email was also being used by many websites to reset password. This becomes the main reason email draws the hackers' attention. Covermail was designed to provide the business class security, flexible in any way you want to use it, and our helpdesk will be here to assist you when you need us.
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A mailbox filled with SPAM email is a warning
A little bit higher sugar level could be your recent irregular eating habit, but consistent high sugar level means diabetes.
It is normal if you would receive spam mail twice a day. But when your mailbox flooded by spam emails, the security of your email server will be compromised.
These spam emails normally followed by virus and harmful malware, which in turn it could lead to the breaches of your computer.
Business is all about communication
To retain the conversation between you and your customers ease you to follow-up an incident after a period of time.
Therefore it is important all emails to be synced across your laptop, tablet and smartphone, and to search for the email whenever you need it.
Of course, you would need a big and reliable email cloud space to do that.
Email to Email Backup
When you need to retrieve certain emails yet it was deleted, the backup mailbox will keep a copy of all the sent and received emails. You could always login at anytime.


Covered by 4 layers of security protection


All Covermail will be protected by Fortigate Firewall.

Anti-Virus Attachment

To neutralize every harmful attachments found.

Anti-Brutal Penetration

A cloud service to stop SPAM emails delivered to your mailbox.

Anti-Email Camouflage

A mechanism to prove the email was delivered by the owner.


Get Help from the Helpdesk Technicians
When you need help with your email, either you are having a problem with Microsoft Outlook, failed to received and email, or for some reasons your clients could not receive your email, contact our helpdesk for the assistant you need.

Compartmentalized Your Email

Spam and Junk will be received, but stored in different location.????????

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